Residential Equity Income & Appreciation LLC

Residential Equity Income & Appreciation, LLC

Real Estate Fiduciary

REINA, created with a simple philosophy of protecting the real estate investor’s interests and addressing the tenants’ concerns. REINA’s business model is unity which will bridge and contribute to the longevity of a well-balanced property management relationship.

In bridging investor and tenant concerns, we have created an efficient management environment. At REINA, we understand the importance of addressing all parties’ needs, allowing REINA to continue on its path as a leading property management company. With this work ethic and discipline in management, we at REINA would like to extend a hand and ask for the opportunity to provide you with our property management service.

Residential Equity Income & Appreciation, LLC

We created REINA with the intent of delivering integrity, dedication, and priority to our clients, at the same time, maintain a management practice that focuses on investor interest and simultaneously addresses tenants’ concerns. We believe we can accomplish our expectations of creating a prosperous relationship for all parties who come within the umbrella of REINA.

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Anthony was born in the Bronx, New York, to Puerto Rican parents, first in...
Ms. Arnao, a native New Yorker, of Cuban and Panamanian descent, started her career...
Jeffrie was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. After graduating from Samuels...
Mr. Gonzalez, is a proud native New Yorker, of Dominican and Puerto Rican background,...

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